Transparent Construction

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide construction services in a transparent, straight forward and trustworthy manner that produces consistent successful results.

Our success is measured by earning repeat business with a goal of being the best, not the biggest.

We value relationships established on a promise and cultivated with trust.

We are consultants. We consult with you at each stage in the process. We constantly keep you informed of the status of your project.

Our simple premise is to allow our client to be as involved in the construction of their project as they want, while we expertly guide their project to success.

No matter how big or small, all projects are as important to us as they are to our clients.

John Day established Day Building Services with the same resolve and work ethic developed while successfully completing major projects for well known clients and some of the largest contractors in North America and the world. With over 30-years of professional experience in all aspects of construction, his experience will pay off for you on your project.

Day Building Services puts our experience to work for you.

Owner's Representative and Construction Management Services Serving the Southshore and Cape Cod  

Day Building Services provides a new approach to satisfy your construction needs.  We act as the Owner’s Representative / Construction Manager working directly for you on your project.

We are consultants. We act solely on your behalf and protect your interests for the life of your project.

In our unique approach, we prepare the scope of work, solicit bids, prepare a bid analysis, and then make our recommendation for your contractor selection. Once the contractor is on board we oversee and report on all aspects of your project's performance.

We support your project from conception to completion.

Our process is 100% open book and totally transparent to you. You see the actual costs and all project details.

With our approach, you will realize savings over a traditional GC.

Contact us and let us explain our process.

Planning & Design

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

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Communicate & Collaborate

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Quality is Built In

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Accuracy Based on Details

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Construction Manager -vs- Project Manager

On the basic level, a Construction Manager or Owner's Representative serves as an extension of the owner and connects the owner with the entire project team.  The construction manager creates teamwork first, is the leader when needed, and is always working with others to achieve the stated project goals.  Our responsibility is to protect your interests.

A project manager manages the construction project for the general contractor.  The project manager works for the general contractor, and although aligned with the Owner's interest, the project manager strictly looks out for the general contractor's interests.

As Construction Managers, we are professional consultants hired directly by the project owner. We serve as a liaison to all project stakeholders and ensures that the owner's best interest are carried out at all times.  

Construction Managers are responsible for overseeing the project on behalf of the Owner beginning at the earliest stages of the project and continuing through final completion.  We share your vision and protect your interest through out the entire project.

We often work with project owners who lack the time, experience or staff to perform this role themselves so they hire a representative who is knowledgeable in construction.

When working with a Construction Manager or Owner's Representative you are the decision maker.  We manage the construction process making our experienced and expert recommendations.  

We work as a team to bring about the project outcome that meets or exceeds your goals and expectations.

Contact us and learn how we save you money.

  • Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Located in the Center of Plymouth, MA Serving the South Shore and Cape Cod.