Draw Inspection

We provide Draw Inspection services for residential and commercial projects to individuals, banks and other financial institutions.  

Our objective is to be fair to all parties with reporting based on a complete understanding of all the project details.  We deliver consistent results with our proven process and our 30+ years’ experience in all aspects of construction. 

We protect your interests and the interests of your loan customers by providing thorough, accurate and timely reporting. 

Draw Inspection Process:

  • Plan Review / Estimate for loan justification
  • Inspections performed bi-weekly, monthly or as required
  • Verification of required permits, licenses, insurance, bond, lien waivers, etc.
  • Prepare / Verify Invoice Schedule of Values:
    • AIA Format or equivalent
    • Ensure SOV is accurate and in adequate detail
    • Determine % of Work completed for each line item
    • Determine the value of Materials on site or stored off-site
    • Project Schedule analysis and verification 
    • Cash Flow projection
    • Cost Projection (cost to date + cost to go = indicated outcome)
  • Draw Inspection Report:
    • Provided within 24 to 48 hours
    • Utilize your format or a project specific report to include:
      • General description of project
      • Quality of work/conditions/concerns
      • Current interior and exterior progress photos
      • Change Order status
      • Payment recommendation
      • Provide copies of current invoice, updated project schedule, and any other back-up substantiating the payment recommendation

Additional services available upon your request.